Create a document and email in one step.

Posted by Rollbase User on 07-Aug-2010 11:56

Is it possible to create a workflow action that will generate a PDF quote based on a template and send and email to the customer via an email template?

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Posted by Admin on 07-Aug-2010 12:53

Yes, it is possible. Please follow these steps:
1. Create document template (unfortunately PDF is not available at this time, but we can add this in the future)
2. Create Document Template field. This will allow associate template with a record (you can use default template)
3. Use template token from that field in your email template . As soon as you do that, email messages generated by this template will have a file attachment generated by your document template.

Posted by Admin on 07-Aug-2010 17:51


Thank you for your reply.

Do you know when PDF will be available? We are currently looking to replace a CRM application with Rollbase app for one of our customer (about 40 users), and they would need a format that the user can not edit.

or can i use protected word document? or do you integrate with or any similar application? you can see more info here


Posted by Admin on 09-Aug-2010 09:44

Hi Armen,

You can try using a protected Word document for now. We do have plans to support PDF generation but I do not have a date estimate yet. Regarding Echosign, we have not integrated with them in the past but can look into it.


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