What connectors have you got going?

Posted by Rollbase User on 31-Jul-2010 14:05

Hi, I've seen mention of "connectors" several times, but can't find any explanation of where you're going with this and which external services you can already talk to. This is what I'm most interested in, so I'd love some more information. Thanks, J.

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Posted by Admin on 02-Aug-2010 12:02

Hi Jonathan,

I apologize for the out-dated information. We replaced "Connectors" with Batch Jobs as there has been more demand for these and less for connectors to third party SaaS apps.

Batch Jobs of the following types are available:
- Generate and email a Report
- Generate and FTP a Report
- Generate and FTP a full account backup

To connect with other web-based apps, partners and customers rely on our APIs (SOAP and REST)

Hope this helps,

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