rbv_api.updateRecord doesnt update a number of records if ze

Posted by Rollbase User on 21-Jul-2010 22:05

Hi Guys, We have found out that the rbv_api.updateRecord statement does not accept zero values when updating a number of records. We are using a 2 dimensional array to manipulate the records to update.e.g rbv_api.updateRecord("loan_applicant", resultIDs[ctr][0], x); We tried assigning a non-zero values to variable x array and it works good.

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Posted by Admin on 21-Jul-2010 22:38

I just deployed a fix for that, please try again.

Posted by Admin on 22-Jul-2010 14:00

Hi Pavel, the rbv_api.updateRecord statement still does not accept zero values when updating a number of records. Below are the codes for update.

while (ctr !=len){
var s = new Array();
// s["la_savings"]= 0; //It does not accept zero values
// s["la_savings"]= 1 // It accepts non-zero values.
rbv_api.updateRecord("loan_applicant", resultIDs[ctr][0], s);

Please advise us about this.


Posted by Admin on 22-Jul-2010 15:35

This script has been tested in rollbase.com environment and works fine:

var arr;
arr=new Array();
arr['counter'] = 0;
rbv_api.updateRecord("detail", {!R11220474.id}, arr);

Posted by Admin on 23-Jul-2010 10:58

Hi Jose,

It may not have been deployed to the .ph environment yet. Can you confirm this in the .com environment? If you need more formal followup I suggest submitting a support request.


Posted by Admin on 26-Jul-2010 06:44

Hi Matt,

The issue is already fixed. The updates were done over the weekend ph environment.


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