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Posted by Rollbase User on 14-Jul-2010 20:10

On my view screen, I can choose a spot for the user to click on a link to download a document template as in the picture below. I would like the ability to do the same thing with e-mail. There would be a link that says something like "Email Client with Approval", which would bring up a predefined e-mail template in preview mode (ie already merged), ready to send when I click the "send" button. The user could make changes or add attachments before sending. Is this possible? Workflow Actions send the e-mail without any preview, which means that the user can't make changes or at attachments...also I wouldn't have control over the placement of each link. I could create a separate workflow process for each one, with a single action per process maybe? But this could get messy.

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Posted by Admin on 14-Jul-2010 21:54

We can consider this as a new feature request. We're usually attentive to feature requests from paying customers.

Posted by Admin on 15-Jul-2010 14:24

Hi Matt,

Yes, the idea would be to create an Email Template field, similar to this Document Template field, that would show the email in preview mode when clicked. This is something that has been requested in the past, but we have not gotten to it yet due to demand for other features.


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