Unparseable date error being returned from RB REST API

Posted by Rollbase User on 02-Jun-2010 15:01

I'm creating an object with the RB REST API. One of the data types in the object is a date type for which I'm passing a date in this format: 2010-05-20 This morning it was working but later in the day it stopped working and started to give me an error "Unparseable date: "2010-05-20"". I've already attempted to modify it to be ISO-8601 compliant instead as per REST API guidelines but it still doesn't work. Please advise.

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Posted by Admin on 02-Jun-2010 15:33

Actually dates are supposed to be in UI format selected by user, most likely mm/dd/yyyy However I think we should accept ISO as well. I'll modify our code appropriately.

Posted by Admin on 10-Jun-2010 20:31

Hi, we are also encountering this error. Any updates on this?

Posted by Admin on 10-Jun-2010 20:36

This should work fine now.

Posted by Admin on 10-Jun-2010 20:42

Hi our problem is that we cannot retrieve the date format saved in the USER object using SOAP API. It always returns null so when we add a date to a record, since we do not know the correct format, the date we enter is changed to the correct format. So if the date format of the value entered is incorrect, its changes the date to the format saved in the user.


06/04/2010 is inputted, which is july 4 2010. if the format in the user object is DD/MM/YYYY, the value saved is april 6 2010.

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