Setting a user's default tab upon login

Posted by Rollbase User on 06-Jun-2010 21:09

Where do I set the default page for when Rollbase user logs in? (default to a certain tab upon login)

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Posted by Admin on 06-Jun-2010 21:13

1. You can set order for apps and tabs.
2. When user logs out, most recent application and some other info is stored in the database. So next time the user will be taken to most recently opened tab.

Posted by Admin on 07-Jun-2010 16:37

To set the order of applications, go to Setup > Applications Setup > Applications ... then click the "Reorder Applications" link at the top of the page.

To reorder tabs within an application, go to Setup > Applications Setup > Applications ... and click "Edit" next to the app you want to modify. Then scroll down to the Tabs section and reorder the assigned tabs as needed.

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