Some Fields Values Ignored When Running "Create" M

Posted by Rollbase User on 03-Jun-2010 15:51

I am attempting to use the REST API's create method to insert data into Rollbase. The object name is NovaReferral Here is it's XML Definition returned from getObjectDef <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <resp status="ok"> <DataObjectDef objDefName="NovaReferral" > <SingularName>Referral</SingularName> <PluralName>Referrals</PluralName> <Description>This is a normalized referral object.</Description> <DataFieldDefs> <DataFieldDef fieldName="updatedAt" groupName="STANDARD" dataName="FieldDateTime" isRequired="no" isReadOnly="yes" maxLength="-1" > <DisplayLabel>Updated At</DisplayLabel> </DataFieldDef> <DataFieldDef fieldName="updatedBy" groupName="STANDARD" dataName="FieldLong" isRequired="no" isReadOnly="yes" maxLength="-1" > <DisplayLabel>Updated By</DisplayLabel> </DataFieldDef> <DataFieldDef fieldName="id" groupName="STANDARD" dataName="FieldLong" isRequired="no"

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Posted by Admin on 03-Jun-2010 16:42

Currently picklists expect id as value, but they will accept integration names as well after update.
Regarding Related fields, they actually belong to different record and cannot be updated by updating current record. The same is true about Formula fields, for instance.

Posted by Admin on 03-Jun-2010 16:45

OK -- but for picklists... it's really inconvenient to add the ID as the value... isn't that the whole point of having an "integration code" -- otherwise we need to hard-code a lookup of the picklist IDs on our end...

Posted by Admin on 03-Jun-2010 17:30

They will accept integration names - please check after the next update.

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