rbf_*** API Functions are inaccessible on (HTML) Document Te

Posted by Rollbase User on 18-Feb-2010 15:03

I have JavaScript code on an HTML document template that uses some RB API functions (rbf_formatCurrency(...), rbf_selectQuery(...), etc.). When I view the Template I get: "Error: rbf_formatCurrency is not defined, etc."... I tried including the main.js file in the template (without the comment marks): and I get: "Error: rbv_rootCSSURL is not defined"... What JavaScript class(es) or other code should I include on the HTML document templates to gain access to the rbf_*** API functions? I didn't see any mention of it in the documentation. Also, is this something that RB can dynamically add to all HTML templates when the template is compiled at runtime? Thanks, Mike

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Posted by Admin on 23-Feb-2010 18:30

I'll do some changes to make script work even if this variable is not defined.
Meanwhile try to add this script to your template:

var rbv_rootCSSURL="";

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