Thumbnails in Portal View Pages

Posted by Rollbase User on 21-Dec-2009 13:50

How do you view a upload in a page view (portal page) as a thumbnail? Example - HR uploads a picture of the employee and wants it to be on there profile page.

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Posted by Admin on 21-Dec-2009 14:12

Rollbase does not provide special support for thumbnails. You can, however, upload 2 images per object: large and small. Or modify image's size in IMG HTML tag (use image's URL in template field).

Posted by Admin on 21-Dec-2009 14:26

Ok is there way to display that image in a view/portal page?

Posted by Admin on 29-Dec-2009 09:36

Sure, just create an Image field and use that field as a column in a View shown in your portal.

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