Sync and Saving forms.

Posted by Rollbase User on 01-Dec-2009 16:10

When you syncronize and save a form - why does it only offer me the edit and add portions of the form and not the view to sync? That means everytime I change the add form i still have to manually change the view form???

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Posted by Admin on 01-Dec-2009 16:54
It's a reasonable precaution based on experience of many other users. You'll be even more frustrated if your View form will loose important elements after being synchronized with Edit form.
Posted by Admin on 01-Dec-2009 21:41

When you are editing the "New" page for a custom object and you click "Save & Syncronize" the system will present you with all other New, Edit and View pages. So the answer is yes, you are able to sync your updates from the New page to all other pages and you should not have to manually edit them.

If you are experiencing something different, please let us know the object and which particular page you experienced this from.

Posted by Chris Swanson on 16-Jan-2016 23:34

As a new user, I just made the same assumption that starting with the View page would be the logical page to start with customizing my layout since I assumed I could sync it to the Edit and New pages. I am now finding that I can't.

After reading this thread I just repeated my edits I made on the View page with moving around my 50 fields into 10 sections on the NEW page, but I am still only being offered the option of syncing the New page with the EDIT page. Seems inefficient to have to repeat my design work.

In this thread the user ADMIN suggested that it was reasonable to not have all 3 pages sync. In other aPaas systems I have used it was always the case that the View, Edit and New pages would change together and that never gave me an issue.

Is there a way to keep all 3 in sync?

Posted by SteveBos on 17-Jan-2016 07:51

It's kind of confusing but you need to go to the properties of the view page and 'enable tabs'. After that, you will be able to save any synchronize across all three pages

Posted by SteveBos on 17-Jan-2016 08:00

It may be you need to enable tabs for the new and edit pages first now that I think about it. Either way, that field needs to be set the same before you can sync pages.

Posted by Chris Swanson on 17-Jan-2016 21:54

That solved it - thanks

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