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Posted by Rollbase User on 23-Nov-2009 16:20

When I am linking an internal page to another page in the portals where do I obtain the link? For example in the employee corner it uses this to link a "Add New" to it :!#PORTAL.221761.221889#url} I see all the links use the same address except for the "221889", but where do I find this number for each page I want to link it to?

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Posted by Admin on 23-Nov-2009 16:58

When you are editing a portal page you can insert an HTML or Script component to create your own link. In the source of HTML or script create a link for the portal page like this:

My Page

..then use the helper drop-downs in the merge fields box to find the URL for the portal page you want to create the link to. Select "Portals > Loan Application" from the first drop-down, then select the correct URL merge field for the page you want to take the user to in the next drop-down. For example, the "Dependents (ADD) [URL]" option will give you this merge field {!#PORTAL.221761.221909#url} which you can place in your link like so:

My Page

This gives you a link to your Add Dependent page.

Posted by Admin on 23-Nov-2009 18:30

It is not mapping the correct data when I choode Loan Application - it continues to show the data from the other portal?

Posted by Admin on 24-Nov-2009 21:08

Hi Tory,

I saw your email on screenshot on this as well -- looks like you have encountered a bug that we will address within the next few days. Thanks for passing on the details.


Posted by Admin on 01-Dec-2009 10:20

Hi Tory,

These portal issues should now be resolved. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any of them.


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