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Posted by Rollbase User on 13-Nov-2009 18:05

How do I use a "view related record" for a record inside another record? Example: I have an Tab/Object called "Customer" and in that tab I have a child object called "Borrower" (No tab of its own) "Borrower" has several other tabs it is related to that I want to reference on the page/form. When I look at the available components in the page editor it does not have any "view related records" for the "Borrower" object - they are all for the "Customer" Object. Is there any way to do it the way I want to?

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Posted by Admin on 14-Nov-2009 08:57

You can create a new section in your View Customer page and drag in the component called "Related View -- Borrowers".

In looking at your View Customer it looks like you've done this already. Let me know if this answers the question.

Posted by Admin on 14-Nov-2009 14:34

I didn't really ask the question properly - I figured it out shortly after. Sorry my head is swimming with different termonolgies from other systems and it makes things overly confusing to me sometimes.


Posted by Admin on 23-Nov-2009 15:11

Great that you figured it out

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