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Posted by Rollbase User on 18-Nov-2009 15:52

Disappeared "Related Record" field. 2 of my views are missing the related record field to Borrowers? How can a related record field disappear and how do I get it back? I have copied and syncronized the form and the field still vanishes. It is not listed in my available fields either???

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Posted by Admin on 18-Nov-2009 23:53
Hi Tory,

Can you point me to the object and page this is happening on and what field you expect to appear there that is not showing up?

Is this in your Vew Borrower page or your View Customer page? I think I can help answer the question but need some more detail on which specific pages this is happening on and what fields you expect to see there.

Maybe a screenshot would also help me, if you could mark it up with something that shows me where the field should be appearing.

Posted by matman on 25-Nov-2014 09:30

I'm currently experiencing the same problems as described above. I don't exactly know why it happened, but I'll try to describe it. Yesterday I accidentally exported my application XML fully locked. After that I did something stupid so I had to reset my application using the XML. I then noticed I accidentally locked it, and edited the XML tags "isManaged" and "pubManaged" to unlock it again. I then updated my application using the XML.

24 Hours later (now) I noticed some unused related fields had suddenly gone "Related Field(UNKNOWN)" so I deleted those. I also noticed that the "Related Field(Contactperson)" had suddenly disappeared and I was unable to select it. About 15 minutes later after updating the field I'm able to select it again.

I don't think it's bug worth creating a defect for, but i'd like to report it.

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