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Posted by globeseghir@yahoo.fr on 24-May-2019 09:34

We are Discovery Informatique Group, specialized in developing solutions using Progress technology. Our robust expertise of 25+ years in Progress development gave us the opportunity to do business with: QAD, DSIA, SOPRA, RBC DEXIA, ATOS ORIGIN, and many others.

Our skilled computer engineers develop solutions using various Progress technologies, click on link : http://www.discoveryinformatique.com/fr/content/technology


We use Agile and Scrum methodologies and others specific to our partners. Our engineers can work with your teams in different modes : Project mode, On-site Governance mode or Off-site Governance mode with high-speed remote connection and permanent communication and reporting systems.

 If you need to strengthen your development capabilities in Progress at Degama Systems, with on-site skilled human capital, or have the work relocated to our development center, we are keen to discuss with you a partnership contract with you.


For more information, please visit our website: www.discoveryinformatique.com

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