Draw an ESB process including sub processes at once

Posted by Admin on 06-May-2008 02:47

ESBProcessDraw is a small part of my soon-to-be-released XAR Cross Reference

tool. It draws pictures of ESB Processes, digging in to sub processes if

required and draws out every step, fanout and decision along the way. Check out

the attached png for an example.

A picture like this really is worth a thousand words, because it allows you

to see an entire process at a glance. Because this is just a small part of

a larger tool, it may seem somewhat simple and single-purpose. That's

because it is.

Be on the lookout for the full Xar Cross Referencer (the name will change),

that will allow you to export an environment to a XAR file and inspect everything

about it. Including unused artifacts and a "where used" function for every

artifact imaginable.

The "schema" directory contains a slightly modified version of the ESB schemas

in order to make them understandable by JaxB. No other modifications have been






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