ESB Service m_xqLog.logDebug()

Posted by Admin on 30-Apr-2008 11:55


How do you set the container logging level, so we see the m_xqLog.logDebug() messages in the container log file when writing custom ESB Services?

Currently we can see the m_xqLog.logInformation()...



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Posted by jalcazar on 05-May-2008 12:30

Hi Derek,

You have to enable Debug Logging, there are two ways to do that: at config and runtime.

To enable at config:

At SMC at Configure Tab, expand Container folder, then select your MF Container, at right pane you'll see your ESB Container, select it, right click and select properties option. At general Tab, type 16 as value in "Tracing Mask" field. Restart your container. 16 is the mask value for Debug Messages.

To enable at runtime:

At SMC at Manage Tab, expand Container folder, expand your MF Container and select your ESB Container, right click, select properties option, at tracing tab check "Enable Debug Messages (16)", Click the "Ok" button.

When you do it at runtime you'll need enable again each time that you start or restart your container.



Posted by Admin on 05-May-2008 12:37


Where did you find the information for the "Tracing Mask" for this?



Posted by jalcazar on 05-May-2008 12:52


At Deployment Guide, Chapter 8 Distributed Deployment at Runtime/Operation/Runtime properties you can found reference about tracing mask.


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