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Posted by Admin on 02-Jun-2008 02:20


I am looking for a function in Sonic to automatically sniff for new e-mail in a certain e-mail inbox (exchange). It should also be able to copy an attached file (.xml) to a directory X on my harddisk. Is there such a function and if so, how do I create this in Sonic.

I am currently working on Sonic Workbench 7.5. I know that Sonic 3.0 did not have such a function. Some information regarding this subject was found on:

Is this what I am looking for? I would be really grateful. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Frank Vermeulen

Sonic Workbench rookie

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Posted by Admin on 12-Jun-2008 00:37

Hi Frank,

There is an Email ESB servicetype available. which can sniff for new e-mail in an email box, it works with POP3. If it also works with Exchange I'm not sure.

The service allows you also to send ESB messages (xml) as an email to different persons even with attachment (xml/txt/pdf). Sending email works with Exchange.

If interested, I can post this service for you or email it to you.

To copy the attached file to your harddisk I think you can use the FileDrop servicetype function within the ESB.


Tako Grijpma

Posted by Admin on 12-Jun-2008 02:45

Hi Tako,

I recently found out that by default Sonic Workbench 7.6 provides such a function. I have been given the advice to switch version. So now I am running Sonic Workbench 7.6. Nevertheless a little more information never hurt nobody. If you are able to post your service I would be very gratefull. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Frank Vermeulen

Posted by Admin on 12-Jun-2008 11:14

As far as I know, Sonic 7.6 does not come with an email service, although there exist a couple "in the cloud". It does come with a File Drop service by default, but 7.5.1 also includes it!

Posted by Admin on 13-Jun-2008 01:56

Hi Frank,

Attached a .zip file with the Email serviceType.

The zip file also includes two sample files and a couple of xsl files used to transform Eventmonitor notifications to valid xml to send an email message.

Good luck with the servicetype!

Posted by Admin on 17-Jun-2008 03:29

Hi Gerco (and Tako),

You are correct. I mis-interpreted the information I recieved. The sollution I was looking for is indeed the service which Tako posted. The process is up and running by using the email service. Thank you both for your response.

My question is hearby answered.

Kind regards,

Frank Vermeulen

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