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Posted by 240029 on 07-Aug-2008 11:01

Is it possible to have alerts generated mulitple times once a threshold has been breached. e.g. if my current memory usage which is set at 512MB is breach I should be getting mulitple alerts till the memory usage does not fall below the threshold.

As far as I have seen this is not possible. Only one alert is generated at the inital threshold breach.

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Posted by aedwards on 08-Aug-2008 10:59

The metrics based alerts don't appear to have this type of configuration. In order to get the flexibility you need, you will probably want to consider sending alerts/metric data to a third party monitoring system.

Posted by 240029 on 08-Aug-2008 11:15

currently the alert and notification is sent to HP Openview via snmp alerts. but the origination of this alert is from sonic. how is hp openview know when to stop repeating the alerts. Ideally if a threshold has been breached alerts should be sent continously ( as per defined time period) till such time the event or components is below the set threshold

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 08-Aug-2008 11:21

Or, it needs to send a message indicating that the problem has gone away.

Posted by aedwards on 08-Aug-2008 11:24

I believe you can have HP OpenView call the JMX libraries from Sonic to retrieve the memory information. This way OpenView can be responsible for generating (and regenerating) the alert.

Posted by 240029 on 11-Aug-2008 13:13

True. SomeCoding could be done to have OV preform the action. But would it be useful to have the originator of the alert update all monitoring systems/layers of the status of the component instead of the other way around.

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