MultipartMessage and .NET Client

Posted by Admin on 04-Nov-2008 05:24

Hi all,

The Sonic MQ V6.1 .NET Client (COM Client) doesn't seem to support MultipartMessage,

Is this feature available in MQ V7.6 and is there any other way how the MultipartMessage could be handled using MQ COM Client?

Thank you

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Posted by Admin on 04-Nov-2008 05:32

Got it,

This document seems to explain the way to handle a MultipartMessage in SonicMQ V6.1 .NET Client,

Page 144 onwards.

Have to check it out though.


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Mondi Ravi

Posted by Admin on 05-Nov-2008 21:25

Checked the document out. Shows how to use MultipartMessage with COM Clients.

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