SonicMQ - HTTP Tunneling Error

Posted by Admin on 22-Jul-2009 16:27

I am running the evaluation version of SonicMQ 7.6.  I am trying to configure an HTTP Tunneling Acceptor and then connect to the acceptor from a C# client.

Acceptor Properties:

     Name:     HTTP_ACCEPTOR

     URL:       http://localhost:6900

My c# code is as follows:

     ConnectionFactory factory = new Sonic.Jms.Cf.Impl.ConnectionFactory("localhost", 6900, "http", "administrator", "");

     Connection connection = factory.createConnection();

when executing the second line, I get the following exception message:

     "Dispatch error [Broker handshake failure : I/O Error [recv read post response : Protocol error - Server sequence number mismatch]]"

Any clues as to why this is happening?


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