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Posted by Admin on 19-Apr-2009 06:58


I have 2 containers, Container 1 and Cotainer 2.

I have a process (P1) in Container1, which I am calling from a process (P2) in  conatiner 2, I have not deployed the P1  instance in container 2 as this is deployed in container 1.

Now, When I try to call the process P1 from P2  it is not able to call that.

I did tried with the workbench it works fine, but when I use the linux environment it is not working.

Can anybody give me some input on that ?


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Posted by Admin on 27-Apr-2009 14:18

Hi Sk,

Can you be more specific? So you have two MF containers, with two different ESB containers deployed (I assume). Which error do you get, when you are trying to invoke the process? Do you use two different brokers? Perhaps those brokers need a dynamic routing. You can use track and trace, this will help you debugging the problem.



Posted by Bill Wood on 18-Oct-2009 16:11

Yes.  This should not be an issue.

Processes do not need to be 'deployed' for them to be called from within the ESB.  If you call one process from another (using a Process address, or a sonic:///process/ url), the ESB can lookup the definition of the process in the Directory Service.  When you do this:

  • you get a Process Entry event in the 'current' (or calling) container
  • the ESB dispatcher gets the process definition.
  • the message is sent to the FIRST service in the process.

Perhaps you don't have the first service in the called process available.

Does that service have an Entry Endpoint?  Is it installed in the same container?

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