Tracing messages in DRA

Posted by Admin on 15-Dec-2008 01:17

I have been following this wonderful article from Frank Beusenberg on DRA

For some reasons I am not able to get the whole thing right,

I am inquisitive to know whether there is any way of tracing the messages transferred in DRA. This would let me know where I am going wrong.



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Posted by fbe on 15-Dec-2008 02:33

Can you tell me what it is that you are not getting, or give me something like an error message or behavior you expect that doesn't work?

Posted by Admin on 15-Dec-2008 02:42

I don't know where's the error,

I have setup two different machines as suggested in the document with corresponding users and ACL's, however when I try to test the entire scenario using the Test Client, I get the messages dumped in the dead message's queue, I am not able to figure out what the mistake is and where,

Are there any logs that I need to look out for?



Posted by Bill Wood on 18-Oct-2009 16:29

You should look at the reasonCode -- JMS_SonicMQ_undeliveredReasonCode.   That is the best source of information.

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