Send message to queue in a different Broker

Posted by JZimmermann on 23-Apr-2010 16:50


I have two Containers with two brokers.

One container contains a ESBContainer with a Java Service Type.

What is the easiest way to send a message to a queue on the other broker?




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Posted by jerem on 26-Apr-2010 02:17


You can use Dynamic Routing.

see the sonicMQ config and manage document.

first create a routing from your first brokerto the second broker.

configure your exit endpoint as follow (for the destination Name label) secondBrokerNodeName::myqueue

You can also configure you exit endpoint to connect the second broker directly, but you won't be able to setup exactly once QOS.


Chan Jeremy

Posted by JZimmermann on 27-Apr-2010 04:28

Thanks, you pointed me in the right direction.

I wanted to do it programmatically, so now I create a dynamic endpoint and send the message to it.

It works fine :-)

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