How to include custom header to the message sent to the web

Posted by sunnywear on 04-May-2010 18:21

This question has come up before, but I've still not found the answer.

The "variable substitution" box that is available for X-HTTPAuthUser and two other variables for WS Invocation Service will nicely handle the passing of my custom variable into the final WS Invocation message, due to the scripting avaiable.

However, the "variable subtitution" box is NOT available for the custom variables declared here and this presents the problem.

Basically, the WS Invocation overwrites my JMSCorrelationID with it's own and I am trying to determine if I can substitute its value into another variable so that I can pick it up in my JMS client.

I cannot seem to even use the X-HTTPAuthUser, etc. in lieu of JMSCorrelationID because JMS throws an invalid selector error, so even a hack is not going to work.

I am just trying to get my JMSCorrelationID back that I originally sent in so I can get back my message.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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