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Posted by Sakshi_Anand on 05-May-2010 03:35

We are fetching records from oracle database and all the records containing a single quote (') gets replaced to '

However, in the code we have specifically mentioned that the single quote should be replaced by "'" -

result = result.replace(

"'", "'");

& is getting replaced with & automatically. How can we handle this so that & remains as it is?

Note: replacing & to & is not working.


Sakshi Anand.

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Posted by tsteinbo on 10-May-2010 06:12


we have too little information to help you out here. What is your context? Are use using a custom service? Are you using the DBService?


Posted by Sakshi_Anand on 10-May-2010 06:18


I have got the issue. I am working on custom service and was missing a code.

Thus, the issue is resolved now.

Thanks & Regards,

Sakshi Anand.

Posted by Bill Wood on 14-May-2010 12:26

Originator said the problem was solved.

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