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Posted by Admin on 03-Jun-2010 06:17

One of the messaging partners of one of our customers is using cookies for authorization.
This means that at the first request we receive a cookie which needs to be used in all subsequent calls. Currently this is implemented outside of Sonic, so I’m looking for a way to do this inside of Sonic.
In knowledgebase entry P136274 I read that the Sonic MQ routing nodes do not support cookies, meaning that cookie related headers are not propagated through the HTTP routing node.
Is there a proven solution to receive a cookie and sent message with an authorization cookie, or is the only way to create a custom service type which doesn’t use the Sonic routing nodes, thus still implementing it outside of Sonic?

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Posted by Admin on 18-Jun-2010 10:47

A support engineer answered my question.

It seems there is no way for using cookies in Sonic 7.6.2.

Development confirmed that Sonic 8 is now able to add/remove/modify HTTP headers including HTTP Cookies, but this is all done manually. So there is no automatic mechanism that will receive the session Cookie and keep that for the duration of the session. Sonic 8 uses a new Web Service stack called Sonic Connect which now makes this possible. You can find more information about Sonic 8 including some web-based training material here:

Posted by Admin on 18-Jun-2010 10:48

My thanks to the aid of the friendly Sonic support engineer!

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