Uploading file from Linux to Windows server

Posted by aparnmu on 12-Jul-2010 00:36

Hi All,

I installed Sonic Workbench v7.5 on Linux. I want to upload a file to a share drive on Windows 2000 server.

Can I make use of File Drop to perform this operation by configuring CRD or by configuring from somewhere in SMC?

Or please suggest any other operations to do the same.

Thanks in advance,

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Posted by tsteinbo on 12-Jul-2010 03:41

That will work as long as you use mapped network drives, e.g. with drive letters. UNC paths won't work.


Posted by aparnmu on 12-Jul-2010 04:01

Hi Thomas,

Thanku so much for the response.

As I said, my Sonic installation is on Linux and I want to upload the file onto the network shared drive on Windows 2000 server(with drive name like P: )

Could you please tell me, how do I put the same details in the configuration Request Document to drop the file on the shared drive? Also, please tell me, how to map the drive to the linux server.

Thanks in advance,


Posted by tsteinbo on 12-Jul-2010 04:24

Sorry, I missed the Linux part.

If you want to access the same network share from Linux you would have to mount it as normal file system on your Linux system, e.g. using

          mount //server/share /local/directory

Make sure the samba client is installed.


Posted by l4ky on 12-Jul-2010 04:25

I think the best way is by reading http://communities.progress.com/pcom/docs/DOC-49588

it's a developer guide, and you can sample how to use file pickup & drop.

or for better way, you can create service type. to send the file via FTP.

Posted by aparnmu on 13-Jul-2010 01:16

Hi Thomas,

Many Thanks for the solution.

I wrote a script to mount onto the Windows share and used FileDrop service to upload the file.



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