Parallel calls to a service

Posted by chetanparekh on 27-Dec-2010 03:10

We need to download 3 CSV/TXT files from FTP location. We are using custom FTP service for FTP interaction, this FTP service can download one file at a time. We want to download 3 files simultaneously. We don’t have liberty to change the code/logic of custom FTP service.

How can we achieve simultaneous download? Can we make parallel calls to a service in Sonic ESB and merge the response later ?

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Posted by sk185050 on 27-Dec-2010 03:22

I think if you can define the custom location dynamically, you can create more than one instance of the service(your custom service).

Can you try this?

Posted by chetanparekh on 27-Dec-2010 03:31

Can you elaborate bit more? 

We are getting names of files to be downloaded in a message. Each time file names will be different, but FTP location will be the same.

We need to aggregate contents of there 3 files and send to next service a single message.

Posted by sk185050 on 27-Dec-2010 04:07

Can you try with the 3 instances of the service which have cofig parameters i.e location or others which will read and initialize when the instance is created in the container, and agrregator pattern (EAI pattern) and see if that works for you.

Posted by chetanparekh on 28-Dec-2010 00:49

How can we achieve aggregator pattern in Sonic ESB? if its through split and join parallel service then we tried and we are getting time out error for that.

is there any other possibility?

Posted by sk185050 on 28-Dec-2010 05:07

Check out this post.

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