SonicConnect: RequestURI and QueryString

Posted by cwiseman on 23-Feb-2011 10:42

Does a SonicConnect Service used to publish a web service make these basic HTTP protocol properties available in the resulting message (created from the request)?

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Posted by sedge on 02-Mar-2011 22:55

Hi Chris

I don't know the answer to your question but I'm also interested in the answer.

I'm also interested in overriding the HTTP properties at run time. We got a change put through (available in a hotfix) so that we could override the end point for a Sonic Connect client at runn time but I'm not clear about what other things can be overriden.

One specific thing I can think of the the HTTP Timeout. We have instances where we need to increase the timeout to allow for long running transactions. Other times we want to reduce the timeout so our users do not have to wait for the default timeout (60-100 seconds) before receiving an error.



Posted by cwiseman on 03-Mar-2011 09:58

Another thread discussed the binding strategy and using it to bind values to HTTP headers.

For the timeout, I think you can over-ride the Project property, project.esbconfig.timeoutInterval, on the SonicConnect service.  If you check the box in the middle column, it allows an expression which references a header, or part, or system property, etc.  See if that will work for you to set it up dynamically.

Posted by cwiseman on 04-Mar-2011 13:10

The project.esbconfig.TimeoutInterval properpy I noted does not appear to be changing the timeout length on a SonicConnect service I'm using as a client to call external web services.

Steve sounds like he needs/desires the same functionality.  Can the HTTP timeout be over-ridden?  Thanks.

Posted by sedge on 06-Mar-2011 15:45

Hi Chris

Thanks for testing that. I didn't have time and it wasn't at the top of my requirements list. I was doubtful when you suggested using the check boxes in the service definition to override the values. I had tried that method earlier to override the URL that the client delivers to and it didn;t work.

It appears that the feature implied by the check boxes has not been implemented (in 8.0.1).



Posted by cwiseman on 09-Mar-2011 10:55

Will SonicConnect allow the control over the HTTP connectTimeout and HTTP readTimeout properties?

We are using SonicConnect as a web service client and need more control over these properties than a default 30 second readTimeout.


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