Projects appear twice in SonicFS Chooser

Posted by sedge on 10-Mar-2011 17:13

I've been working on a Sonic 8.0.1 development project for about three monthsand currently have 5 Projects in the workspace.

Suddenly, some projects are appearing twice in the SonicFS Chooser.

They only appear once under "workspace" in Sonic Management Console. 

Screen shots attached.

Where is the SonicFS Chooser populated from?



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Posted by tsteinbo on 15-Mar-2011 05:37

This indeed does look a bit odd. If it does not go away after a restart of workbench locate the Workbench shortcut in you start menu and add the eclipse -clean command line argument just before the existing -vm "..." one. That will reset the state of all eclipse plugins and should get you going again.


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