Enterprise Integration Patterns in Sonic ESB

Posted by cstiller on 10-Dec-2007 12:03

Some new papers have been posted that provide an overview of some common Enterprise Integration Patterns (http://www.enterpriseintegrationpatterns.com) and how they are implemented in Sonic ESB.

For each pattern you can download a paper with detailed implementation instructions, a short checklist, and sample code. The entire set is listed here: http://www.psdn.com/library/kbcategory.jspa?categoryID=1699

Please post any comments or questions about the material in this thread.

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Posted by dhentche on 03-Feb-2010 14:27

That second link is broken. The file is still over on the old PSDN and was never migrated when it was rehosted.

Here is the current link:


Since I need to use this material in a public RFP response, could anyone please migrate those files over to the public side? I'd appreciate it.   Need it by Friday.



Posted by Bill Wood on 05-Feb-2010 07:41

Dave, did you put an IT request in?  That is the group that has access to both.

Posted by dhentche on 09-Feb-2010 12:43

Here is the correct link to javascript:; in Progress Communities.

Posted by dhentche on 09-Feb-2010 12:44

All of us had access to both. Turns out all the individual patterns had been carried over except for the Intro document.  All fixed now.


Posted by c.engman on 09-May-2011 05:04


Are there any plans to continue this work? I'd be glad to see a more complete list of Gregor Hohpe's patterns and the corresponding Sonic implementation.

I'm also thinking about a reverse enginering tool, i.e. generate eip-style documentation from a Sonic configuration. Would that even be possible?


Christer Engman

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