Problems with the Split and Join for each service.

Posted by Admin on 12-Jul-2011 11:39

Hi all!

I'm having some problems using the split and join for each service.

It seems it gives this warning whenever there are more than one instance of the service:

[11/07/12 09:53:11] ID=dev_ESBTest (warning) uncorrelated message and no listener. EP:dev.SJForEach2.AsynchTmp corrid:dev.SJForEach2:1310452948687:98:32

I'm running this on my workbench installation (without intra container messaging) so it is not the bug mentioned in the release notes for 8.0.1 (SNC00077163).

I get this warning on both 7.6.x and 8.0.1. However, it seems it is only appearing when I have more than one instance (or Listener for a process using ) the service.

I've tried different configurations as a workaround, none of these step helps:

1. Creating two different services, so that each process use its own service with their own endpoints.

2. Setting timeout policy to continue and also increasing the timeout itself.

3. Putting one of each process in their own container.

The process itself is a very simple ESB-process with a Split and join service, calling another simple ESb-process that consist of only a transformation step. The warning only appears on high load.

Any of you used this service without getting that warning? It seems it is only a informative message and that it as such doesn't cause any problems. But, it would be great to get it to not appear in our logfiles every now and then.


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Posted by JimmyPoulin on 14-Jul-2011 07:13

Hello Lards, I had the same warning with a Sonic Connect service. I contacted support and they let me know that the warning is benign. They also gave me a workaround that I might apply if the warning becomes too annoying or if it makes the log file grow too much. Have a look at these KB articles:

ID: P136756

ID: P189121

The 2nd one was created from my support case.


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