Configuring spring.xml for Sonic 8.0.1

Posted by sedge on 06-Sep-2011 18:10

We've been developing an application to handle abut 50 different messages, primarliy using Sonic Connect and Web Services. We don't have a lot of experience with CXF and the Spring framework that Sonic Connect uses to publish the Web Services.

So far we are up to 4 separate manual modifications that must be done to the spring.xml after importing a WSDL, which are overwritten if the WSDL changes or is imported again. And each project has its own spring.xml file.

Can anyone suggest any automated methods for performing the changes to the spring.xml file? Are there any API programs out there? Or an XSLT?



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Posted by tsteinbo on 14-Sep-2011 04:10

It depends on the changes to some extend I guess, but ANT replace tasks and XSLT come to mind indeed.

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