When a service starts, it doesn't process messages sent

Posted by msuser on 19-Jan-2012 02:38


After I stop an esb service, an esb process that owns the stopped service still runs and sends messages to the service's entry endpoint (topic). When I start the service, it doesn't process messages that were sent to the endpoint while the service was down. How can I configure the endpoint to fix that?


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Posted by Admin on 19-Jan-2012 03:48


an easy fix should be to change from Topic to Queue. Message sent to a queue are stored until they're consumed, message sent to a topic with no listeners 'disappears'.



Posted by pmeadows on 19-Jan-2012 03:50

It sounds like the service is using a non-durable subscription.  With ESB I think you simply provide a 'Durable Subscription Name' when configuring the endpoint to have it use a durable subscription.

Posted by sfritz on 19-Jan-2012 03:51

>> message sent to a topic with no listeners 'disappears'.

Only true nor non durable subcriptions.

see Paul's comment for how to fix that.

Posted by msuser on 19-Jan-2012 08:19

Thanks Paul. I set a 'Durable Subscription Name' and it works now.

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