Deploying service to a single container with SDP

Posted by ppanagiotakis on 16-Nov-2012 06:21

Hello everyone,

We started using SDM and SDP to deploy artifacts to our SonicESB 8.5.1 enviroment.

I have a question about the deployment of a service or a process for that matter.

Is it possible to deploy a service to a single ESB container, and how can this be done with SDM/SDP?

We are using a clustered setup with four ESB containers and two active data brokers.

Thanks in advance.



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Posted by sedge on 20-Nov-2012 17:32

Hi Panos

This is done in the SDM Model in the ContainerProperties.xml file

It is very important that you have a good naming convention for your Service Instances and any Processes with an Entry Endpoint that you want loaded into a container.

Use the include pattern.

I've attached the one we use as an example.

Put yours in the Model root directory with the Model and Topology files.


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