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Posted by bjorns on 26-Mar-2007 19:07


I'm looking for prefferably a single document/webinar,... that in detail describes and outlines the process of deploying a piece of app server code as a web service.

I would call this document "Open Edge Web Services For Dummies".

Everything I've seen so far describes in great detail how to set up Tomcat/Apache. But when it comes to WSA, proxygen it just brushes through.

Any ideas/pointers?


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Posted by Phillip Molly Malone on 27-Mar-2007 23:44

Have you checked out the Web Service Adapter Administration section of the OpenEdge Application Server: Administration Guide. Its not a one page how to but I think all the information that you are after would be apart of it.



Posted by Admin on 18-Apr-2007 04:15

Hello All!

I am also in the process to create some piece of App Server code for use as Web Services, but I am roaming here and there.

Could you please suggest which to read at first and how to start and go ahead?

Waiting for the suggestions!!

With regards,

Kamal Raj Subedi

Javra Software Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

IT Park, Banepa

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