Web Service for .Net

Posted by Admin on 01-Aug-2007 01:25


I want to know step wise process about Web Service .Net Open Client.

I was try to run from Progress Sample of WebService DotNet sample but i was not successed.

So, please guide me ASAP.

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Posted by Admin on 16-Aug-2007 15:39

Personally, I've found it easier to follow the .NET/Java examples and then work backwards to Progress. the main reason is that there is a lot more help out there when you are getting started.

Posted by Mike Ormerod on 06-Sep-2007 09:43

You could also try looking at AutoEdge (http://www.psdn.com/library/kbcategory.jspa?categoryID=298) . This uses Web services to allow a .NET Compact framework client on a PDA to access ABL services.

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