Sonic ESB with OCR technology

Posted by lsreedhar on 15-Apr-2009 08:44

Hi - Iam trying to evaluate this product for some of new requirements. In this context i have a requirement for reading the data inputs from a image which are marked in text using an OCR technology. Just curious to know if Sonic ESB is having connectivity/adoptability for reading the text data from the images which are marked in text?. If so does this require any additional plugins for doing this?

Requirement here is to based on the text on the image need to have some business rules built in ESB and route the data input/image into a different schema/workflow.

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Posted by fmartel on 15-Apr-2009 10:01

Hi Shreedhar,

Progress doesn't provide an OCR plugin for the Sonic ESB. However, you can quickly develop one if you are familiar with OCR APIs.

Sonic will allow you to upload the OCR libraries to it's directory so that it can be distributed with your service at the location where you want to do this OCR decoding.

The decoded message can then be processed, along with the original image, by an ESB process as per your use case requirement.


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