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Posted by on 13-Aug-2015 00:14

Hi All,

One of my database in dev server is throwing above error while entering the procedure ediotor with mpro TEST comman d.

By executing proshut TEST command it showed me that there are 50 users are connected to database.

Then by chosing option 1 , I all disconnected all connected process ,from DB directory Now I can enter prodecure editor with MPRO TEST.

But users are not able to enter the procedure editor, they are trying to enter the procedure editor by running the script "comptest".


but still users are getting the same error.

Please help.

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Posted by Jean Richert on 31-Aug-2015 03:11

Hi Vithal,

This group is more related to OpenEdge Application Development architecture rather than connection issues such as the one you're hitting and that's probably why you didn't get any help until now.

Maybe next time you should post in the OE RDBMS group.

Now with regarfds to your post, have a look at the following KB article:


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