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Posted by Admin on 27-Feb-2009 16:05

I have some sample code that I downloaded a long time ago but when I test-drive it, there are some problems so I would like to make sure I have the latest working set of this code. I've been searching and I cannot find what I'm looking for. I need something that I can use as a base for getting started with this architecture.

Thanks for assistance.

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 27-Feb-2009 16:11

There are a couple of things you might be talking about. There are a number of whitepapers and most of those have some accompanying code samples ... small stuff, just illustrating points. The big piece is AutoEdge, the so-called "reference implementation". This is an example application which illustrates some OERA ideas and provides a good starting point for thinking and talking about how to approach OERA, but isn't a model for a production system.

Which are you looking for?

Here is AutoEdge 2.0 for 10.2A


Posted by Admin on 02-Mar-2009 09:45

I'm looking for a set of programs that can provide a starting framework and can be used as a model for a production system (even if it needs modifications to get it to that stage). Maybe that doesn't exist. I would appreciate any recommendations that you can offer. Thanks!

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 02-Mar-2009 11:47

Well, if such a thing exists anywhere, it is not in the public domain. I suppose that various companies have developed frameworks internally, although the ones I know about seem to be more half-way steps than full frameworks. The only effort I know of to develop a publicly available suite of components is the OERA Open Source Initiative http://www.oehive.org/OERAOSI but it has no code yet, just a start on some structure and a bit of discussion.

The only thing other than that I can suggest is to identify a consultant (hint, hint http://www.cintegrity.com/OERA ) who will mentor you in the principles and assist in creating such a framework for yourselves ... and hopefully to make some contributions to the OERA OSI. I wish there were more to point you at ... but that is why I started this initiative, because there isn't.

Posted by Admin on 02-Mar-2009 12:34

We are not looking to start a major project right now. But sometime in the near future, we are looking to move to a distributed architecture and I want to put together some samples of how we can do it most efficiently. I'll review what is available at this time and see what I can do with it. Thanks for the information.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 02-Mar-2009 13:10

At that level, I would certainly start with AutoEdge and think about what you see there. I am sure that you will immediately see things that won't cut the mustard from a production point of view, but it still is a good place to get the juices flowing. I encourage you to come back here with questions, ideas, suggestions and the like since I think the discussion is healthy for the community and is likely to be a good learning experience for you. And, as you start to visualize what kinds of components you might want, please drop in on the OERA OSI pages and tell us what you think you need. If we can get that moving, perhaps there will be some components for you to start with by the time you need them.

Posted by Admin on 02-Mar-2009 14:51

I installed the sample application but it seems to require Sonic and we don't have that. Is there a way to run the application without all of the extra technologies?

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 02-Mar-2009 15:04

I believe that you can run it that way, but obviously you are going to be missing functionality. The best solution, actually, is a PSDN SDK since then you have a Sonic test bed to work from. That would be a particularly good idea for learning about modern technologies and architectures.

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