Opening the HTTP port 80

Posted by Roy Ellis on 26-Aug-2011 09:17

The problem is that the default HTTP port, 80, is not opened on the Arcade images.  We installed Tomcat for a web server and JSE and its default port is 8080.
To add the default port of 80 to your deployment, you need to update the “Security Group” in the RightScale console.

      • In navigate to the “Stage & Test” area (and login if necessary) and select the “ADVANCED” link.
          • This will open the RightScale login page, login using your RightScale account and password
      • Next select Manage --> Deployment --> View Dashboard
      • Then select your deployment name
      • Once you are on the details of your Deployment, select the web server machine name
      • Now select the Security group(s) link --> sec_group_#####
      • On the Security Group page select the Add IP’s and add port 80 with IP Addresses
      • Select the ADD button to make the change
      • The change is immediate, please try connecting to the web server on port 80

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