11.2 Stage and Test - Available when?

Posted by John Goodland on 19-Apr-2013 02:45

Do we have an offical date for 11.2 in stage and test? Keep hearing "this week" since the middle of March !

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Posted by John Goodland on 23-Apr-2013 03:18

No much traffic on the arcade forum....

Can I assume this lack of interest and no response on this issue that we should prehaps switch to using Amazon Cloud instances instead? 11.2 has been out since Feb and, todate, we still dont have a date for its release on stage and test.

Makes you wonder if Arcade has a future  ??

Posted by Roy Ellis on 23-Apr-2013 10:34

Hi John,

we are currently uploading significant changes to Arcade.  The largest being the additiion of new Templates that allow for deployment in all Regions of AWS.  Once that is complete, we will then add 11.2, which requires the new templates to be deployed.

Not sure who told you 11.2 would be ready in March, but we are working very hard to get it into Arcade. 

Thank you for your patience,

Roy Ellis


Posted by John Goodland on 24-Apr-2013 04:16

Thanks Roy - must say disappointed that its taking so long for Progress to sort this after releasing 11.2 in Feb. March was the date given to me from the US via UK team.

I've gone with a Windows only instance and uploaded 11.2 myself.

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