Tomcat Load Balancing and jvmRoute's across multiple ser

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Hi All 

I am experimenting with tomcat load balancing using PAS instances on multiple servers.

I understand that a part of the sticky session routing relies on the PAS / Tomcat instance name being appended to the Jsessionid so that load balancer can re-direct that session back to the correct PAS.

I can't see how or where you can control how that PAS instance name is set it looks like its based on your directory name e.g. if i created a PAS on one server as oepasForm i can't see to change its alias so that it appends anything other than oepasForm on the end of the sessionid.

This is an issue if i want to keep the same pas instance names across multiple servers.

Instead the only way i can get this to work with the LB and sticky sessions is to have unique PAS instance names on each server.

Am i missing something?



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Posted by David Cleary on 01-Apr-2019 14:02

-N parameter controls instance name.
proenv>pasman help create
usage: pasman/tcman create [options] [instance-opts] <new-base-path>
       [-f]                 copy all deployed web applications
       [-p <http-port>]     use this http port
       [-s <shutdown-port>] use this server shutdown port
       [-P <https-port>]    use this https port
       [-j <ajp13-port>]    use this AJP13 protocol port
       [-W <web-apps-dir>]  use this webapps directory path
       [-m <uid:pwd>]       use these credentials for container security
       [-Z <dev|prod>]      set security model to development or secure
       [-N <instance-alias-name>]  assign this instance alias name
       [-U <file-owner> -G <file-group>]
    note: new-base-path names may not include the characters:

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