Utf-8 database.cannot use western european characters

Posted by LegacyUser on 04-Jan-2001 09:28

We are migrating from Progress V8.3 to Progress

V9.1 and UTF-8 database.

We have our own procedure for dump and load our

application database. It use EXPORT from database

tables to the .dat files and then IMPORT from

.dat files to the newly created database.

Using Progress V8.3 our application we could work with database fields containing Western european characters.

We migrate to Progress V9.1, dump our application database and load it to empty V9 UTF-8 database

using our procedure.Then recompile our code. All

works O'K, but when we try to edit records,consisting Western european characters-

application crashes with following error:

SYSTEM ERROR: Index Last_name_Idx in Person for recid 37154 could not be deleted. (1422)

We can create new records consisting western european characters ,save and edit them in our

V9.1 utf-8 database , but after dump and load

even from V9.1 utf-8 database to V9.1 utf-8 database database-the same problem. We have the same error message trying edit this new records,created in Progress V9 Utf-8 database.

How -cpinternal and -cpstream should be set during dump and load?

Thank you in advance.We really need help with it!


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