Window entry triggers fail to fire on 9.1D

Posted by LegacyUser on 12-Dec-2002 09:36

Has anyone else noticed that on 9.1D, the entry

triggers in smart windows fail to fire?

We migrated from 9.1c25 to 9.1D3 and all of our smart

windows with the entry trigger defined fail to execute

the code. A possible, but painful fix is to move the

trigger code to a procedure and call that procedure

from the override procedure initializeObject.

Also, some of our smart windows with viewers

containing many widgets no longer open correctly and

can't be resaved without the error:

REPLACE/CONCAT may not result in data > 32000 bytes.

I called tech support and seem to be the first to

notice this problem. We are going back to 9.1c25.

Thanks for your help.

Rich D'Ippolito

Accel Software Engineering

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