progress 9.x 100x slower than 8x

Posted by LegacyUser on 28-Jul-2003 18:20

we have a cargo app running on progress! we use to have this on progress 8.x

and everything was fine. we migrated to progress 9.x and now it's 100x slower.

there no h/w change tough there's some software changes. we see that each time

the whole database (500MB) is being read every time a user wants to print or

access records!! is this a problem in the software design (ie not progress

but the upper layer app)


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Posted by innov8cs on 25-Jan-2004 22:44

You say every time. I sort of doubt that if it's a programming problem. I'm sure the programming has a lot to do with it, but most likely if it's every time then it's neither Progress nor programming. It's probably a DBA issue when the database was migrated the indexes were probably never turned on.

In any case, there is absolutely no reason for Progress to be at fault for being 100x slower.

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