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Posted by Admin on 11-Jul-2006 05:19


I have upgraded a progress application from 9d to 10.1Asp1.

After the upgrade, everything works fine except this error-message after typing username/password

"Failed db client principal validation "

where db is the name of my database.

I have searched psdn and google for quite a while without any relevant hits on this error message.

Any one know what this means or how to get rid of it?

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Posted by aswindel on 11-Jul-2006 06:25

Have you upgraded your database to 10.1A and if so, have you setup the new database options from the DB Admin menu for every one of your connected databases - see the doc for more details on the settings.

This sounds like you have added code to do a SET-CLIENT in your application but have not set up all the databases to trust the application users identity. I have certainly had this error when doing that.

Check your database options in all connected databases and check your trusted domain settings in them too. Take a look at the Exchange presentation that is posted on PSDN for some info on this topic:!default.jspa?categoryID=251&externalID=806&fromSearchPage=true

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