Is there a KeyPreview equivalent for legacy Window and Dialo

Posted by jquerijero on 10-Apr-2020 22:55

I'm in the process of evaluating 64-bit replacements for the 32-bit OCXs that come with the AppBuilder. Aside from it's hard to find a good replacement, most of them are very Visual Studio WinForm-centric. There is one control I'm looking at that doesn't have keyboard events and instead relies on the Form keyboard events. This feature however relies on the KeyPreview feature of WinForm. Is there an equivalent in legacy Window and Dialog (.w)?


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Posted by Laura Stern on 10-Apr-2020 23:31

An ABL Form inherits from a System.Windows.Forms.Form.  So if it’s a property of that class, i believe it should work.  When a Form is getting events, it is mostly in control, not the AVM.

Posted by jquerijero on 11-Apr-2020 00:14

I'm sorry, I totally mistyped this question. I mean the legacy Window and Dialog (.w) 

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