Returning JSON results to proxygen'ed openclient (APSV t

Posted by dbeavon on 08-Apr-2020 14:26

The proxygen'ed openclient interface is suited to passing back strongly-typed ADO.Net datasets, and even generic ADO.Net dataset classes.

These are by far the most common approaches we've used for sending data back to the client from PASOE.  Is there an output data type I should be using if I want to send back JSON?  I'm guessing I should probably use a LONGCHAR output but I wanted to confirm.  I would think that is easily serialized back to the client.  But perhaps there is something else that would be a more natural fit from a language standpoint?

I'm also wondering if I should beware of any size restrictions on non-dataset output parameters that are sent to the openclient via PASOE/APSV.  Hopefully I can get 100MB or so back without trouble.  I think the docs say the limit for the datatype is 1 GB but I'm not sure if that is also true when it is sent via PASOE/APSV.

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