OpenEdge RDBMS is now available as Docker Container

Posted by Oleg Kupershmidt on 06-Apr-2020 18:33

Progress product team has now published OpenEdge RDBMS container image on Docker Hub at

This can be used as part of CI/CD pipeline, in particular to speed up the development cycle where team members can instantly bring up a fresh, pre-configured OpenEdge database for any form of validation/testing.


Oleg Kupershmidt

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Posted by jsandrea on 07-Apr-2020 01:44

Hi, thank you, do you know if OE RDBMS in docker is supported for production environments?

Posted by Oleg Kupershmidt on 07-Apr-2020 12:45

[mention:eba10a36c99443059eebc1db4eb1d944:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] using RDBMS on Docker container in production is not supported and is not recommended.

The key reason our team introduced this capability is to help developers cycle through fresh test environments faster, stand up new/additional test environments (e.g. for performance or security testing) and on-board new developers joining the team.

Posted by John Cleaver on 07-Apr-2020 12:55

Are there any plans to release an 11.7.x version of this Docker Image?

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 07-Apr-2020 15:34

Thank you Oleg and OE team.  We're looking forward to integrating this capability into our pipeline.  Right now we're building unit-test DBs from scratch each time so I expect using containers will be a big improvement.

We've been using the PASOE Docker image with 11.7.5.  But we needed to use hotfix 11 to address the HTTP 204 bug and it was a pain.  We had to manually add the hotfix files to the existing image, rather than being able to download it from Docker Hub.  Also, the resulting image was considerably larger than the original.  I hope that in the future PSC will have the ability to deliver not only releases but also hotfixes in Docker images.  

Posted by on 08-Apr-2020 16:02

Hi Oleg,

a bit surprised of the decision on this one and wonder what could have cause it? Since you've got through all the trouble to get some sort of support for this why restrict it to development environment, all that for a bunch of VAR/ISV's that are using CI? Since a certain OE version is certified on a platform, say RHEL to name one, and running that platform in a docker environment is supported by the vendor then why PSC choose deliberately not to support that? Would you mind explaining in what ways is the situation different from your point of view?

Is the general impression at PSC that docker can only have a place in a development/testing environment but isn't in any way meant to be used in a production environment or there are other considerations?


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Posted by Oleg Kupershmidt on 08-Apr-2020 16:10

that's good to know Rob, thank you, we will look into this.

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